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Set Up Your Domain Name!

Getting Started with Web Project.

Website Building Guide Page for beginner webmasters. Basic tips in one pill. Find out how to make world wide well known website.

This quick guide will show you how to build a good website. Don't waste your time and money - read this synthetic guide. Step by step. Do your job and have one of the favourite page or website in a search engine page results. Get the fame quickly without costs. Be smart and use experience of web team.

1. First step. Own domain.

This is the first step you should to take. Buy your own domain name. Try to choose generic one with right extension. For global web sites .com, .info are still the best. If you want to write a blog project or st. like this in your native language you should better take the country code top level domain name of particular country. For instance, if you put some texts in polish language you should take such a name like Try to find a domain name conected by meaning to your business or a main agenda. If you want to sell different items via net world wide try to buy domain like People will put queries like How to get viagra directly? or Where to buy car insurance directly ect.

You have 2 ways to buy domain name. As far as subdomains are - forget about it. Only Top Level Domain (TLD) names we are interested in. So, first direction is to buy domain name at good professional registrator. Try GoDaddy. GoDaddy offers you everything to have website, hosting and others web services.

If you are interested in saving time for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO jobs try to search domain name at the second market. Sedo Marketplace is one of the biggest place to find featured domains. Why featured, indexed, premium domain names are better than new? Find out. Check the value of your domain name.

tip imageRise My Name Tip:
Try to find domain name with one or two of yours keywords from website content! Google will love your domain and website and bring back this love as a searching results!

2. Hosting. Free or professional?

Hosting - means service, the device, machine (virtual, VPN and others) that serves your website, all data necessarily to right display site on screen to all users and readers. It's good practice to have hosting service at the same partner as domain. But if you have lots of domains you probably want to have many hostings to have different classes C of IP. Learn more about GoDaddy hosting services.

Free hosting is good for amateurs. They provide services with advertisements almost everytime. Free hosting will probably has some restrictions and limits. For now, for your business, don't take it seriously. In spite of the fact that you can try or

tip imageRise My Name Tip:
You can use free web hosting to make back-up page for your main project to increase traffic and build well ranked backlinks. Choose from your keywords or headings subdomain name of this back-up page. For example Get The Fame, Rise My Name or Rising Names.

3. Unequalled content.

After that, take care about unique content. This is very important. Use CMS platform for the best results and best comfort of work. CMS are very friendly to search engines. They give you ability to manage all parts of website content: articles, news, posts, comments, pages. Don't use ctr+c and ctr+v! Never! Google and other search engines will ignore your website without individual content. Try to write unparalleled texts, articles, news and comments. The important factor is also the frequency of putting new subjects. For sure juster is one aim per month than 20 per year at once.

Read more why your web page's content is so important.

tip imageRise My Name Tip:
Adult content should be marked as adult and should has access limited (f.e. above user 18 years old).
Child Safety becomes an authoritative factor of website reputation and trust.

4. Web Page Optimalization (WPO).

It's time to learn more about WPO. Web Page Optimalization. Sounds a little strange? Don't worry, it's easy and it is really basic task. WPO is by your site, inside your HTML code. Includes meta tags, page titles, descriptions, keywords, site map, attributes of page elements: titles, alts of anchors, images, graphics. Headings - H1, H2, H3 and others. Right coding, HTML and CSS validations are strong as well. Someones call it In Page SEO, but it makes it more complicated.

For more informations about Meta Tags please visit: - how to use Meta Tags. You can use one of meta data monitors to track how search engines see your website and pages. Useful META tags monitors: About Us - about your website and Web Page Analyzer. For the best results give each page of your website its own meta tags like title, description, keywords, robots ect. Ensure that your Meta titles include keywords and are no more than 20-30 characters long, without commas (use '|' instead).

Almost every CMS (Content Management System) can use tags for articles, news and other texts. So you should apply labels (content tags) to all of your pages. What about friendly URLs? Use it! - They are cool for searching engines.

5. Let's start building backlinks. For free.

Link Building is the practice of getting other sites to link to you website in order to boost your authority, reputation in your market place. In short itís all about connecting yourself, your brand, your internet business or your company to the people and sites that influence your target audience. Each backlinks can Increase your pages traffic.

There are many type of link techniques. Link Juice, Cherry Picking, Black Hat, White Hat and many others. You probably heard about such a concepts or will. In this place you can find easy, free ways to get basic, quite strong backlinks. If you like to research this matter try to handle a few articles about backlinks over the internet.

Of course you can build links by writing posts and comments at lots of blogs and forums but to do that you probably need to be able to build also relationships with the real people behind the particular blogs and sites relevant to you and convince them to link to your site. You also need to keep in mind that forums administrators or blog owners are looking for the links to the sites or content of posts with something of value to share with their readers. They aren't stupid.

tip imageRise My Name Tip: Backlink checker to risemyname.comTo control and track backlinks and reciprocal links you need a tool. There are many such a tools, most of them are commercial and paid. Try MonitorBacklinks for free or you can buy premium account.

Now, read the secret. Not everybody knows that the big sharks of internet industry sometimes give you some kind of info pages about your domain or website - well ranking pages with links dofollow and nofollow. It's for free and it's time you to get them. Try pages from list below and put your domain name insted, save url and that's it - you have some backlinks already :)

RiseMyName Web Links » Free Pages with Backlinks

1. » Whois by China with nofollow.
2. Alexa site info. » Alexa Traffic Ranks, Visitors, Search Traffic, Links, Related sites and more. Basic useful tool.
3. » Link from Japan.
4. » Another one site from Japan.
5. Cocnitive SEO » Refering Domains, Fresh Links, Page Authority.
6. » see the report for Visitors in-side seo (wpo) and analysis, website compilance, popularity, social media, server and domain name informations.
7. - Domain information. » Popularity/access rank, summary, images, sites links.
8. » Searching sites by domain names
9. » Title, keywords, thumbinal and more.
10. » Backlinks report for ...
11. Moonsearch » MoonRank, PageRank, Alexa rating, Dmoz Catalogue, Yahoo Catologue.
12. Netcraft Site Report » Background, Network, Hosting History, Site Technology.
13. Open Site Explorer » Domain Authoryty, Page Authority, Linking Root Domains, Anchor texts.
14. » Information page.
15. » Backlinks report
- see full listing of Free Pages with Backlinks. RiseMyName Web Links

And here they are - sources for backlinks:

RiseMyName Web Links » Free Backlinks Builders

1. Back Link Maker from Small SEO Tools » Generate Quality Backlinks With the one Click of a Button.

For more challenging webmasters here is a commercial proposition from Links Management. Backlinks with PageRank from USA, Canada, Australia and UK. Find out how many links you need to outrank your competition using Free SEO Cost Calculator and target those keywords, which you can afford.

Links Management

tip imageRise My Name Tip:
To reach the top and to get the best results, every time you find a backlink to your website, link to this page from your website. This kind of link is called Reciprocal Link. It works and will hereafter.

6. Introduce your website to many search engines.

Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex and many others search engines are still researching the world wide web, looking for new informations, indexing all new data and also all changes of data content. To help them introduce (submit, add) site, url, title to their directories. To save your time use automatic tools from below.

There are also many more engines software on the internet market. Maybe you would like to test some of these below.

RiseMyName Web Links » Free Search Engines Submissions

1. » AddMe submit your page to the main search engines:
2. ASR Search Engine » Add Your Web Site To ASR. If you like to play with others try ASR with it's active points and ranking.
3. » Get listed on Jayde. The B2B Search Engine
4. Secret Search Engine Labs » You can submit your website (or any site you like) to the search engine. Another experimental piece of software that walks the web.

tip imageRise My Name Tip:
Before you start doing search engines submissions make sure your website and all of it's pages have basic meta tags: titles, descriptions, keywords...

7. Web Directory submissins.

Web directories are platforms cataloguing websites and webpages by category. Frequently web directories have high Pageranks and are paid. RiseMyName found some web directories with free submission. So, below you have checked list with no fee stuff. Start making your entries.

RiseMyName Web Links » Free Web Directories Submissions

1. » Adding is Simple and for free.
2. » Free regular and featured links with top hits.
3. » Add Url - Free Business Directory with reciprocal URL.
4. » USA directory free or featured for $20 / year.
5. » Standard review for free but Featured lifetime $10 / unlimited. USA, PR3 with top hits.
6. » Basic Listing - Free.
7. » Free listing, $5 fasr or spotlight for $11.
8. » Register an account and submit a blog site.
9. » Open Directory Project - basic stuff.
10. » Free, featured, sponsor and bugdet listing submissions.
11. » Revelant web search from USA.
12. » Register and add url for free or $30 or $35. Top hits.
13. » Register your blog as a owner.
14. » Register your blog and make a submission.
15. » Free Regular or featured $ 10 / Year. Top Hits.
- see full listing of Free Web Directories Submissions. RiseMyName Web Links

Here you are also a few commercial directories, cheap and checked. Each of them gives your web site strong backlinks. Worth to try out.

RiseMyName Web Links » Web Directories - Commercial

tip imageRise My Name Tip:
Before you start doing web directory submissions make sure your website and all of it's pages has basic meta tags: titles, descriptions, keywords...

8. Social Network, multimedia.

There is no time to write how social network, environment and social media works and how big is its playing role. All you have to do is to make a few accounts and make some place for your name in the cyber space. Google is the most important internet players, so let's create google acount: mail box, youtube channel, blogger or maybe st. more if you want. Now Twitter - just create account and post sometimes something. Facebook - well it's good to make reservation for your brand, name at Facebook. About fake Facebook's friends you would read here nothing. Social media and networks are very popular nowadays. Try to choose specific ones suit fine to your aim and marketing targets. Let me give you an example: if your website is about music - you should use SoundCloud, if you're writing a blog site maybe LiveJournal society will bring your website audience. Of course, Facebook is the bigest but it's specific internet inside World Wide Web.

RiseMyName Web Links » Social Media, Communities and Public Profiles

1. » Rise My Nameís blogs.
2. » World of publications for You.
3. LiveJournal » Top Journals.
4. » Follow RiseMyName for posted audio, music and sounds.
5. Twitter » RiseMyName World Wide Posts.
6. » WP and Gravatar.
7. YouTube Channel » Rise My Name YouTube Canal.
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