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What are Infographics?

Are You still hearing about Infographics. But what is Infographic?

Quite new and quite modern word. Informations and graphics. They are graphical representation of complex data or issue in a visually stimulating manner. The major aim of a good infographic is to present complicated information with illustrative visuals and indicators so that you can assimilate the matter easily and quickly, by one flesh eye.

Often you can see at many websites something called dashboard. It's a infographics representation of particular information and data visualization. Often with diagrams, tables, rankings.

So what is the difference between dashboard and infographics? Well, dashboard needn't consist of graphics, diagrams or charts. It can be made only from texts and figures. Infographics include computer graphics and nontextual matter.

Question arises, why graphics are better than plain figures? Chats and diagrams for sure are better with comparing data, especially when you want to have just a quick overview. Infographics can improve your dashboards, presentations or display main index of your work. Nowadays dashboards and infographisc are made with AJAX technology. It means you can see all the changes in real time, without refreshing web page.

tip imageRise My Name Tip:
For the best SEO effects make attributes notation for all of your infographics at the web pages. Some people use internet without graphics and they want to see atl i title attributes.

Certainly infographics make your web site more attractive for users, readers, make it more transparet and above board. But, using graphics with proper tags you can reach the top of SERP. So tag your infographics thoughtly and unique.

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